Pangani: A real estate hub developers are noticing

Perhaps it is its close proximity to the city centre, or the numerous amenities dotting Pangani that make it stand out, but developers are not sitting around to find out what it is. In the past, the estate was dominated by the Asian community, many of whom have majorly shifted to the nearby Parklands and Westlands area.
Pangani and Parkroad Estates can be described as middle-level estates.
The former is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s affordable housing agenda, which has led to a few structures being flattened to pave way for modern units that house more people.

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On July 17, evicted tenants conceded that City Hall had issued an August 1 eviction notice, after an unwritten agreement that promised Sh600,000 each for the 48 houses in the estate.
At the time, City Hall defended the night evictions, saying they were legal and necessary.
“This is purely development and the matter should not be politicised,” said the governor’s director of communication, Elikana Jacob.
But other than the national government, real estate developers have also set their eyes on Pangani.
The old bungalows are now being demolished, and in their place, highrise buildings are coming up.

Paul Muthoni, a Real Estate agent, says time is ripe for such developments that take advantage of the aerial space.
Health and Security
But Pangani estate has also suffered for its proximity to estates like Eastleigh, Mlango Kubwa and Majengo.
Some of the implications include high crime rate and health hazards.
Many refugees who find their way, albeit illegally, from Kakuma Camp, end up in Eastleigh.
Health officers say some of the illegal immigrants have not had the required vaccinations and so they may bring with them some of the diseases.
The most affected are the children aged five and below, who constantly are subjected to the polio vaccine.
Resident Ann Bochaberi said, “We understand the children will need them every time there is an outbreak, but having them so often because we are close to Eastleigh is not something we want.”
Other than health concerns, the crime hotspots in Eastleigh and Majengo may sometimes influence the situation in Pangani, going by the frequent night patrols.
It is commonplace to see officers making patrols in pairs, sometimes, a cotingent of officers will be spotted in a police vehicle.
Rent Rates
The new developments have influenced rent rates. Buildings that are more than 10 years old go for between Sh20,000 and Sh30,000 for a spacious two bedroom house in a building that will go up four floors or less.
The new buildings, five years and below, go for Sh38,000 to Sh43,000 for a two-bedroom house in a building that goes up 10 floors.
Other than the high rent rates, the new buildings require the tenant to pay for water and electricity.
Seeing as no new buildings are vacant, perhaps such is an indicator that the residents have embraced modern housing.
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